Monday, July 5, 2010

Do Bandhs solve the national problem of price rise???

The BJP and its allies across the country have called a Bharat bandh on 5th of July,2010 to protest against escalating prices.Inflation is in double digits and fuel prices have risen since the government deregulated oil prices, and now the Opposition is taking what it says is the aam aadmi's protest on the streets.If that's not all, the Left is also protesting against the fuel hike on Monday, demanding a roll back.Authorities have prepared to take all security measures to ensure there is no untoward incident during the strike. However, essential services like milk, water and hospitals are exempt from participation in the bandh.

There will be a complete shutdown in Gujarat for starters where buses, cars and autos will be hit; most schools and colleges will be shut. Truckers will also stay off the roads.In New Delhi, people could face some hardships in reaching their destinations as the workers of Opposition parties, including the Left and BJP, plan to block traffic in several parts of the city.The four Left parties - CPM, CPI, RSP and Forward Bloc - will organise a protest demonstration at the busy ITO Chowk, which connects east Delhi with the heart of the Capital.

But do really these bandhs act as measure for price roll backs and fulfilling other demands.The answer is simply "NO" .BJP & the Left, as a whole, lack the civic sense and commonsense, which are absolutely necessary for a good and responsible politician. Price rise is not just happening in India rather its a global phenomenon. It's obvious that the BJP and the Left lack the knowledge of economics because they don't know that a country cannot be a part of a global community without sharing the same costs as other countries are bearing. As far as petrol prices/diesel prices and other Government controlled prices are concerned, well they were controlled because Govt. provided subsidy for them but then at the end of the day how long can the govt feed us on subsidy. BJP lacks civic sense because the Bandh itself would contribute to the price rise as Economy stays shut,or atleast looses pace, for a day. Thus their lack or rational is quite clear. BJP tries to fool the ordinary Indian with their antics and misguiding them about economics and all.

Don't forget when world people were losing jobs, India was hiring... This was the govt in power. I strongly oppose BANDH, only anti Indians are following it They should be considered anti-social and booked under MCOCA.They are all foolish.

State-owned Indian Oil Corp, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum currently lose Rs 203 crore per day on selling fuel below imported cost.
They currently sell petrol at a loss of Rs 3.35 a litre, while that for diesel is Rs 3.49, Rs 18.82 for PDS kerosene and Rs 261.90 for every 14.2-kg LPG cylinder.

So if we can afford swanky homes and extravagant lifestyle,traveling in posh cars then why cant we afford a little price rise which is totally reasonable and justified.
So my sincere request to all to support the government and put in some comments as to what you think.

-True Indian

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